The sisters, Annette Westwood and Emma Westwood, were both born in Stoke-on-Trent in England, United Kingdom. They grew up in nearby Shropshire in the West Midlands, a place known for its beautiful English countryside, and a local landscape which is thought to have inspired JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth in The Lord of The Rings.

Both passionate lovers of film and inspired by the Coen brothers and their work ethos, Annette and Emma have teamed together to collaborate as filmmakers. Their individual skills, like-mindedness and natural affinity in vision and understanding have created a powerful and captivating combination, with the short film
Whoever You Are… being the first movie production by the Westwood Sisters.

Whilst focusing their efforts on
Whoever You Are…, they also have plans for their next short film and are currently developing a feature film script of Emma’s book Silence in the Shadows.

Silence in The Shadows: There is silence in the shadows before there is terror in the dark
Amazon: Silence in the Shadows by E.E Westwood


The Westwood Sisters' own film production company, Hawkwood Productions, was named Hawkwood to represent two important elements to the siblings. Firstly family: as the name has strong family connections. (The name also originates from two places in England, Shropshire and Yorkshire, which coincidentally is where the sisters' mother and father were born.) Secondly: Visionary Power. Hawks are a species of bird of prey, traditionally associated with vision and intuition. The aim of the production company is to create work, which will move and inspire audiences, by leading with a strong artistic vision.



Annette Westwood is a British filmmaker and actress, based in London. After studying acting at the world-renowned Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, in Glasgow, Annette has since worked across theatre, film, radio and television, including working on productions for the BBC, ITV and SMG. Pursuing her love of film Annette completed the National Film and Television School and BFI Film Academy’s explore filmmaking course. She makes her film directorial debut with
Whoever You Are… and also plays the role of The Woman. Annette works with great passion and an amazing artistic intuition, with her vision being to create authentic and compelling work that inspires and moves audiences.


Emma Westwood

Emma Westwood is a British writer and filmmaker. After studying literature and film at the University of Chester, where she obtained her BA degree specialising in adaptation, Emma released her first novel 'Loving Deception'. Emma has since released multiple novels and novellas, in a variety of genres. Emma has co-written the script of
Whoever You Are…, together with her sister Annette, and is pursuing her passion for film, making her debut as producer on this production. Emma has an extraordinary sense and skill in creating dynamic and evocative stories and a great ability to ensure a working production environment which is both collaborative and creative.


Kevin Fuller

Kevin Fuller is a British actor with years of experience across different mediums in the acting industry. His recent TV work includes roles in the BBC productions ‘Strike -The Cuckoo’s Calling’, ‘Luther’, ‘Doctors’ and ‘Spooks’. Also, parts in ‘Guerrilla’ for Sky Atlantic and ‘Knightfall’ for the History Channel, and most recently in feature film 'Red Joan’ directed by Trevor Nunn. Kevin works with great talent, artistic sensitivity and has an inspiring work ethic. Kevin plays the lead role of
The Man in Whoever You Are….


Eric Raphael Mizrahi is an Israeli cinematographer. A graduate of Ort Megadim Carmiel, Eric has worked extensively across film, television, video art, music videos and commercials. Eric won the Vilko Filac Award for best cinematography at Kustendorf film and music festival 2016 for his work as director of photography on the award-winning short ‘Ave Maria’. ‘Ave Maria’ premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in the official selection and went on to win a number of awards at major international film festivals and was also nominated for live action short at the 88th Academy Awards.

Eric’s other projects include ‘Now and Forever’ which was part of Israeli-Palestinian cinematic projects debuts collections, appearing in over 60 festivals worldwide, including the opening of the Venice Film Festival. Eric has received great praise as a cinematographer for taking risks in his use of different textures and for expressing his personality whilst complimenting the narrative desire of the director.

Production Design

Nizaad Shah, is from London, United Kingdom. After studying at the University of the Arts London, gaining her BA (Hons) in Animation, she has since been pursuing her dreams and working in the world of arts, photography and film. Her work includes trainee prop modeller for Disney's live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and costume prop modeller on ‘Rogue One’, ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ and ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’. Nizaad has superb artistic talent and great skill in using colour palettes, textures, and tones, enabling her as a production designer to create unique aesthetics, visually capturing both the characters and story alike.


Born in Spain, Fran Vergara began to create his own films when he was a child with an old camera. After studying arts, he went on to study film and very soon he found his own style, especially through exploring natural environments. He learnt in great detail about narrative, a subject which he later specialised in as an editor and colourist. Fran has worked across feature films, shorts, documentaries and commercials, winning awards both as editor and as director of photography. Fran has also participated in numerous projects throughout Europe and now lives in London. With his vast experience in film, combined with years of reading and listening to stories, Fran works with great insight and instinct, staying true to the story, whilst embracing different points of view, cultures and expressing his own vision and creativity.

Sound Editor

Fiona Bowden is Australian and she has been working in sound, music and audio production for decades. She has worked for some of the most prestigious broadcasters and stations in the world, and her work has taken her to five countries. Fiona takes great pleasure in film sound editing and combines her wealth of experience with a superb creative talent for storytelling through sound and music.